Motorcyclists are known for crossing boundaries in search of the ultimate riding experience. Get the most of your ride with our app which tracks GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope data. It also features ride-recording option so that you can save footage of your most epic routes. Download it, sign in and enjoy your ride.

Have you ever ridden the route so amazing or dangerous that you felt no words would be good enough to describe it? Ever wanted to share this experience with your friends but tools were just not there?

With our app you can do it all, hassle-free. MotoEye lets you draw your line based on a GPS signal, record footage of your ride and take a photo of every stunning view. A turn-by-turn navigation system will help you reach your destination, while built-in weather forecast option saves you a trip in a pouring rain. To be used both on daily commute and long-distance trips, the app enables you to save the footage of the great riding moments.
An export feature synced with a Dropbox account lets you share your GPS track with friends or view it in other apps. Skobbler-based and industry-proven navigation guarantees you will always return home safe and sound. All there is for you to do is immerse yourself in the journey.


Store your tracks, analyze the data and watch the videos to boost your riding experience. Stats are available on the front screen of the app as well as on the list of all recorded activities, including your routes. App-integrated forecast.oi offers up-to-date information on the atmospheric conditions as well as tomorrow's weather forecast. Planning a trip has never been easier.


Each separate route is called an activity. All the data recorded by your smartphone can be stored for preview. GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope readouts will be collected as part of an activity. Fancy sharing your fab stats and footage with others? Sync the videos and geo-tagged photos with your GPS track and other data. Attach your Dropbox account to the MotoEye app and you are ready to export videos and GPS tracks. To make exported contents available on various apps, we opted for .gpx or .kmz file formats.


Navigation is a key feature of any motorcycle app. That is why we chose the best solutions on the market: Skobbler and OpenStreetMap. Now you can download the desired country map offline and save money. Have a safe and fun ride!

Keep safe and have fun!

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